Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome Warriors!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for visiting our website and our blog.  We are excited to be launching our line of athletic wear, designed with you in mind.   We want you to be comfortable, feel inspired and empowered, and then forget about your clothes and do what you want to do! 

So where did our name come from?  Honestly, from a yoga class.  When we were thinking about what we wanted our brand to represent, the image that kept coming to the front of the line was that of a warrior.  I know I feel like a warrior every time I set my mind on a goal, like I do in running, and then lay out the plan, do the training, and go for it, and I see my friends doing the same.  Whether it’s finishing your first 5K or hitting your goal time in a marathon or heading into the world of ultra running, you are a warrior.  Trying something new for you, like biking, or yoga, or maybe kickboxing?  You’re a warrior.  So there I was in a yoga class, and the instructor called out the pose, one I’d done and heard called out hundreds of times, as “Warrior One, Vira One.”  On came the light bulb, and the name “Virawear” was born.  It comes from the Sanskrit word “Vīrabhadrāsana.”  We want you to release your inner warrior into the world!

We are a small business, founded, owned and operated by people who love to live an active lifestyle.  We’ve had lots of support from family and friends as we have gotten this off and running, and we want to thank everyone who has helped us or offered a word of encouragement or advice as we have headed down this path.  It’s been fun and exciting, and we’ve learned a lot already, and we look forward to what the future holds.  We are excited to be taking the huge step of launching our website, and we hope to see you visit us here frequently and at a race expo soon!  Run like a warrior!

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